My Journey, but I like to call it What I've Learned so far.



My journey to my modeling career is not like a slice of lemon cake with icing on top. Life as a model is not what I expected it to be, it's like a toddler who plays with the power switch in his hand, you'll never know how long it will stay on or off. But when you were young, you tend to be fierce and headstrong, so after being signed with IMD, I head up to New York with just two duffel bags and the blessings of my mom and grandma to try my luck.


There were times hardships and frustrations came barreling in, but I realized it will get you nowhere if you don’t take what you want and work hard for it. It wasn't easy but when you have the support of your family and friends, people who believed in you, and agents that wont give up, it became easier to look forward with confidense. The passion that drives me to be better than I was yesterday and to always progress when the odds are against me is what keeps me motivated to jump off the cliff and take  the risks. Because if you quit pushing for what you want, you guarantee yourself that you won’t have it.


I've learned so many things in modeling industry its hard to break it down. But the main points I feel important are trying to be something you're not will make you stand out but in the wrong way. That you won’t get every job you want but never down yourself because of it, not everybody fit in every category; and that patience is the key but also to be pushy, take what you want and make things happen. Sitting and waiting will get you nowhere.

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